Keep track of your tasks.
Stay focused.
Keep control.

Start knocking things off your to-do list, stop forgetting tasks, stop procrastinating today. With the help of Watson, your personal assistant, you will be able to cope better with your tasks, and go about your day doing what matters to you!

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Progress Tracker

Track your progress with our app.

With access to a backlog, a calendar and gnatt charts you can keep track of everything you did, missed, and want to do in the future! You can set up personalized reminders and automations to stay on top of your day at all times.

Smart Notifications

Never miss your routine.

With Watson you can create a personalized plan that caters to your needs, depending on your lifestyle, habits, and environment. You can also send notifications to your smart watch, set up “don’t disturb” times, filters for notifications and much more!

Personalized style

The app is build to be as customizable as possible. Everyone's needs are different and you need your app to be as personalised as possible to cater your specific needs.

Work with friends

Set up Joint sessions and trackers to keep each-other accountable. This has proven to keep people 67% more focused!

Tracking & progress

The app in provided with statistics and charts. Watch live the number, volume and difficulty of tasks you completed today, this week, month or year! Tracking your progress will help you find improvement areas and manage your own expectations.

Fun & competitive

The idea is that going through your day should not feel overwhelming and something you have to drag yourself through, but something you can enjoy and share with your friends!

Music you love

Music is your friend! Music helps productivity, which is why our app will be integrated with google music, imusic, spotify and more!

Personalized diet menu

You can personalize the type of view, layout and complexity of your user experience. Weather you prefer a list, a board or a notes layout, we got you!

Fitness Community

A caring community to help you stay on track.

We have a blog where we share tips and articles that can help you structure and organize your everyday life to turn the anxiety connected to your tasks into a perfectly executed routine.

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